Monday, 18 April 2016

SENSIBLE Jon at PLAY Expo Blackpool


Replay Events are incredibly pleased to announce that PLAY Expo Blackpool will be hosting the world’s first hands on session with Tower Studios’ Sociable Soccer.

Sensible Soccer and Sensible World of Soccer have been held up as some of the greatest football games since they first appeared in the 90s. Now developer Jon Hare is ready to show the world the recent reboot; Sociable Soccer.

“We are delighted to give all of the attendees at PLAY Expo Blackpool a hands on sneak preview of Sociable Soccer. It really is the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer…super-fast football fun.” Jon Hare.

The game will be available to play at PLAY Expo Blackpool on both days, including tournaments for everyone to take part in. Players will go head to head in 3 minute matches with over 1000 teams to choose from. The finals will be overseen on stage by Jon himself.

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  1. Great! I love games that don't take themselves too seriously.