Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review - Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains is a zany 3D Puzzle on the play station network for the ps4 that revolves around being a co-op based game for you and up to three other players. You play as a choice of four colourful tiny creatures each with their own unique skill in order to figure your way through multiple puzzle levels while under the watchful eyes of a crazy scientist because the sane scientist just aren't as much fun.

Visual Style

Tiny Brains is a weird and colourful game that sees you in a scientist lab trying to figure your way through multiple puzzles in a crazy maze as a group of tiny creatures so it is pretty much a rat maze.

In this rat maze you will see some crazy looking things like scaled down miniature chairs and TVs or obstacles like match boxes, giant bouncy balls and rulers. This is a style that I am quite fond of as it reminds me a great deal of the micro machine games which I have enjoyed since the days of the Mega Drive.

Now as I mentioned Tiny Brains is a hugely colourful and bright game with a very unique and charming visual style to it with sharp edges and a bright colour pallet and what seems to be a very static looking wash over the game makes the game look quirky and fun.


The game play in Tiny Brains is not the most in depth of puzzle games out there bit what it lacks in depth it attempts to make up by being a faster paced puzzle game than most. As mentioned earlier the game is focused on being a multiplayer or group co-op effort rather than being a single player and that is where most of the fun lies. In the game you have the option of choosing 4 different characters each with their own skill that you will need in order to complete each puzzle and team work is main requirement of this game.

The characters you get to play as are: Dax the bat with the ability to push objects; Stew the rabbit with a vacuum ability; Minsc the hamster who can create platforms to jump on; and Pad the mouse with the curious ability to switch places with any object.

So with these character and skills you have to get through a maze of different challenges that are thrown at you by the mad scientist that range from having to push and pull a giant ball through a maze to what I can only describe as the most charming and fun horde mode I have seen in a long time where you have to save a baby chick from killer hordes of demented chickens and walking bombs and I got to be honest with you as a co-op game it is so much fun. It is really cool to see a true co-op multiplayer that can be played over network or on a couch in the same room with your friend with you this game is a great laugh and I really enjoyed playing this title.

As a single player game the levels are slightly changed to enable you to play through the game on your own and although this game is playable like that it is no were near as much fun as a Co-op game and to be honest I was not overly sold on the single player mode if you are going to play this then Co-op is the way forward.

The controls in the game feel fluid and precise and simple to pick up although there were times when I ran into some lag and slow down during certain moves and when the screen got a bit busy but this was only a minor issue.

Tiny brains is a fun game with a simple but well-paced style of game play with some great game modes that are ideal for a group of friends to just have a laugh while sinking a few beers or whatever is your choice of alcoholic beverage is.


Tiny Brains is at its best as a multiplayer if did not pick that up from what I have already said. This game is light hearted and fun to play this is one of those titles that should not be played alone if it is you are missing the most entertaining part of this game. One let down of this title is I have mentioned previously is that the game has a tendency to suffer from lag every now and then while playing. This is not a huge problem but can pull you out of the enjoyment from time to time. 
All in all Tiny Brains is a great little enjoyable multiplayer game . 


Tiny Brains is fun game with a funny story that is quirky and charming and to be honest who is not a fan of mad scientists and cute little animals with super powers? I am constantly reminded of the Animaniacs cartoon from a few years ago with its zany style of humour.

The group play of the game is a great way of getting you and your mates drawn into the challenge and madness of the game. Although this title may not have the grand story or depth of a triple A title it is still engaging and fun.

Life Span

Now this part depends on you and your friends obviously there is a story mode in the game but in a way one of the charming aspects of this game is it is a pick up and put down title it is ideal for if you and your mates want to just pick up and play something but do not want to get into An all-nighter or start another heavy story based game. It is great fun but in light hearted small doses.


Tiny Brains is a fun quirky and light hearted title that deserves a look if you are after a game you can play with your mates if you are after a laugh and want to avoid getting into some heavy serious gaming. The single player is ok but not main attraction of this title and can easily be looked over but credit still needs to be given for including a single player for those of us who don’t always want to be a social butterfly.

The game is also a well-built puzzle game that has a strong yet simple set of mechanics for you to master well worth a purchase in my opinion.


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