Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fallout 4 Survival Mode Details Leak

Those who were disappointed with Fallout 4’s difficulty can now rest easily as Bethesda is overhauling the Survival Mode to add many new features!

A Reddit user "ShaneD53" claims to have uncovered some interesting things in the games files, that point to at least some of the features we’ll see in the new Survival Mode. 

Saving/Resting: We’ve been absolutely spoiled with the aspect of save/load in Bethesda games. Mess up? No problem, you quick saved moments ago. Not anymore with the overhaul. No more hard saves or quick saves. Saving will be done when you sleep or rest. Beds and sleeping bags are now your best friends, but it’s unclear how auto saves will work.

Adrenaline: It’s unclear how this works completely, but here’s what we have. You’re given the adrenaline perk automatically, which increases damage in battle. However, it’s raised in rank by killing, not leveling. It also appears that resting will lower the rank.

Wellness: Wellness represents your health. If you eat, drink, sleep, etc.., you’re fine. If not, you will take stat hits to all of your SPECIAL, raise your Fatigue, become more prone to disease, and take damage.

Fatigue: As mentioned, Fatigue is raised by Wellness being lowered. The higher the Fatigue, the less action points you have for VATS and sprinting.

Disease: Probably one of the coolest additions, Disease can come from many things. Uncooked food, unpurified water, getting hit by disease-ridden enemies can all lead to infection. Cured with antibiotics from a chem station or doctors.

Crippled Limbs: Sleeping will no longer heal you or your limbs, you must use a stimpack.

Companions: No, companions will not be able to die. However, they will not get back up on their own when downed, but will crawl home if left uncared for. You monster.

Enemies: Enemies will now repopulate cleared areas over a longer period of time.


  1. Well i learned something new from this, thought the game was a bit daunting at first so trying to learn a couple of things to make it easier lol

    found the below site useful as well

  2. Whoa, cool! Similiar to the one in Fallout: New Vegas, but with some additions. Disease seems cool, huh? (god, this sounds wrong.)