Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mike's Quick Look at - Block N Load (Steam)

Hey Guys first of all I want to aplogise for a few technical issues during the recording of this video I am not sure what went wrong but I will try my best to prevent it from happening again.

So today I want to bring you A quick look of A really fun game from Jagex Studio A game studio who have kindly offered to help promote A retro Gaming Night For Alli the charity event that we are holding at the Centre For Computer History.

That Game is called Block N Load A really fun game that mixes the Comedy and style of Team Fortress 2 with the creativity of Minecraft in a 5V5 team based FPS. Creating a really unique and funny game that is currently in the process of going free to play.  with  a big re-launch due which I have been told will bring you a tone load of fresh content adding more crazy Shinanigans it seems a great time to go and check this cool game out!

So hear is my terrible attempt of trying to play this game like a complete noob on a PC FPS after spending way to long playing console shooters while trying to use a key board.

Thankyou for watching and I hope you enjoy the vid!


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