Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Retro Gaming Night For Alli

Hi my name is Mike Penman Co-Founder of Crazy Horse Gaming,Youtuber and video game collector. I am here to Tell you about my Wife Allison and the reason behind this charity, fund raising event.

Allison was the greatest wife anyone could ever wish for she was an amazing and loving woman who meant the world to me. She was also the most supportive person in my life whenever it came to my other passion Video Games. From day one she was always there supporting me one hundred percent when it came to creating our website and my youtube channel to joining me at expos and spending entire weekends at conventions wandering around looking for video games and meeting celebs from the video game world and although Alli was not a gamer herself she would do all of this with a great passion and smile on her face.

Alli would always make sure that hotels and and transport were sorted for me so I could visit places like the Centre for Computer History in Cambridge for retro video game nights and would even go off on her own to find games for me. She truly was  an amazing woman. During this devastating time myself and Alli’s family have been overwhelmed by the kindness of countless people, all of whom have our greatest thanks I can give but there is one group who I feel deserve more than just our thanks, the dedicated and amazing staff at the Weston Park Hospital for Cancer treatment in Sheffield, who did amazing work for Alli during her treatment and continue to do this work for countless others.

The Weston Park Hospital relies on the kindness of others for donations to help continue to provide the Life saving treatment to so many people in the battle for all cancers. So as a thank you to them for all they did to help my Wife I have decided to do something for them in return and for this I have turned to My Passion for video games. With the kind help of everyone at the Centre of Computer History in Cambridge we are holding a retro video gaming night were you can play all kinds of retro video games through out the night and join in competitions and tournaments. A charity fundraiser for Weston Park Hospital in honour of my wife who supported me so much when it came to my video gaming.

The event will be on the 14th of November at the Centre for Computer History at Cambridge

For more Information on the event,Time and Prices please visit

Our Aim is to raise as much money as we can in Allis name in one night by providing a great fun night for us all to enjoy so please bring yourself down to the museum for what promises to be a fun filled night full of awesome video gaming goodness and help me honour my wife's memory by raising money for a great and really important cause in her name.

Obviously we are aware that not everyone can make the trip to cambridge for this night but may still wish to contribute so there will also be the option to donate via a Just Give page for those who wish to.

Thank you so much.

Mike Penman


  1. Awww mike what a wonderful and beautiful wife and so caring alli was, you were truly blessed mike.

    They were very beautiful words you wrote about her mike.

    Being so supportive with your gaming and being with you going to events and supporting you in other things, is so sweet and caring.

    And what a lovely tribute in her memory for alli for the hospital, she would be so proud of you mike.

    I wish you a wonderful night on the 14th of november mike and i wish that you raise alot of money in the memory of your beautiful wife alli.

    Thank you so much mike for your beautiful thoughts on your amazing and beautiful and so sweet wife alli.

    Best wishes Kai. :)

    1. Hi Kai thank you so much for your kind words they really mean a lot to me and thank you for all your support. :-) I did reply earlier through my phone but it does not look like it came through..Again thank you.

    2. Hi Kai thank you so much for your kind words they really mean a lot to me and thank you for all your support. :-) I did reply earlier through my phone but it does not look like it came through..Again thank you.

    3. Thank you so much mike for replying to me and for your very kind words. :)

  2. Hi Kai. Not sure Mike's seen this yet but I'll be sure to pass on the kind words and I'm sure he'll reply in due time :)

    1. Thank you so much liam. :)

      I have just replied to mike, saying thank you, my comment is above but i forgot to put my name at the bottom.

      Kai. :)

  3. A wonderful idea - Ali would be proud of you. J and I (and some of the other great Amibay guys) have got on the calendar. Wouldn't miss it for the world. With all love. Nx

    1. Aww thanks that is really appreciated and sorry for the late reply I look forward to seeing you there!