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Play Expo Manchester 11th-12th October 2014

The Norths biggest video game expo is to return to Manchester! Play Expo from the 11th to the 12th of October at the  EventCity will be bigger and better than any that came previously. Now there is still a few months until the Expo hits the ground but there has already been a great amount of announcements made that are already getting me giddy for the expo.

First of all we should mention Tickets are on sale and are available from Here, You can currently purchase three different types of ticket at the moment and if you preorder your tickets as apposed to paying on the door you will receive a nice little discount the prices for prebooking are as follows .

Adult (1 day) £14 – Adult (weekend) £23
Child (1 day) £9 – Child (weekend) £14
Family (1 day) £42

If you don't have the spare cash to get your tickets now do not worry as you can book online all the way up until the 10th of October!

If paying online is not your thing then you can just as easily pay on the door on the day and those prices are,

Adult (1 day) £15 – Adult (weekend) £25
Child (1 day) £10 – Child (weekend) £15
Family (1 day) £45

Indie Dev's Welcome
So now that the money thing is out of the way we should get to the big stuff the things that we all go to the Expo for the games. First of is due to the massive success of the Indie section at Play Blackpool The Manchester Expo is expanding their indie section with special Packages available for Indie Dev's to show their latest titles on the main show floor so if you are a indie Dev and are wanting to get your latest creation out there for all us gamers to see then what better place to that! If you are interested then the link to contact Play Expo regarding that is HERE.

The First Special Guest
Now the first big announcement that has already been made is that Mel Croucher will be attending the Expo as a Special Guest. For those of you who may not know who Mel is he is the creative mind behind a lot of great games including, Pimania and Deus Ex Machina as featured on Plays on site Mel announced his appearance at Play in a rather unique way. 

“I’ve agreed to attend Play Expo, the most extensive celebration of video games history ever seen in the UK, to be held in Manchester UK on 11th and 12th October. My status is “special guest”, which translates as “old fart”, and I’ll be giving talks and signing stuff, as well as showing old and new games, blessing children and healing lepers.”

It's All Gone VR At The Expo!
The Second announcement made by Play Expo is that there will be a heavy presence by the Retro Computer Museum at the Expo Showing a large range of retro, rare and obscure systems along with some interesting tournaments to help raise funding for the museum. RCM have also announced that they are bringing something rather special to the Expo, A rather rare and classic piece of gaming history one which if did not exists you would not be seeing things like the Oculus Rift today!  RCM are fetching to the party  two, fully working W Industries Virtual Reality machines that will be system linked, enabling Play Expo visitors to play head-to-head against friends and family! How is that for something special!

Round One Fight!
For the fifth year running now Electronic Dojo will be leading the fighting game tournaments at the Expo with the assistance of Manchester Battle Arena. While it is still to early for Play Expo to announce what games will be present at these tournaments please feel free to leave your fighting game suggestions with the Expo team via This LINK.

Also for more info regarding Electronic Dojo or Manchester Battle Arena then please follow the links in the names.

Better Bring Your Dice
Following on from their hugely popular debut at Play Blackpool Dark Cleo Production  will be bringing the Expo masses and variety of awesome and interesting board and card games which proved super popular at the Blackpool Expo.

Are You A Pin Ball Wizard?
Northern Lights returns for its third year running fetching with them over 100 Pinball Machines for you to enjoy at your leisure over the weekend not to mention what is sure to be some awesome pinball tournaments. 

This Is My Idea Of Heaven!
Retro Games Party will be creating what is the largest public arcade or over twenty years by bringing a huge amount of classic arcade machines to the party which i can not wait for. I do love me some arcade action!

Well it is still early days and there is still much more to come but as you can see Play Expo Manchester is already set to be a huge and amazing Expo for all to enjoy! We will keep you posted on any new announcements as they arrive.


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