Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Last of Us PS4 Has Vastly Improved Graphics

Naughty Dog has claimed that The Last of Us Remastered will visually outweigh the original with 'cut scene-quality character models'. You may not know this but the original game used many tricks constantly switching from highly detailed character to models to lower-res versions in another shot and the director Neil Druckmann says the PlayStation 4 can run the assets at full resolution all the time.

Druckmann said "We don't build it with high assets in mind to then port it, but it did give us a leg up, If we hadn't done that, we might not have made the call to bring it over to PS4." the team also looked to make other parts of the game look better such as enemies where close up they looked a little burred. "It may sound relatively simple, but moving the PS3-perfected game over to PS4's significantly different PC architecture is an ongoing struggle. Our cinematics are now running at 1080p and 60fps, and that involved rendering them all from scratch. It's interesting that now [instead of a technical bottleneck], the bottleneck is 'Can we fit all this on the disc?"

Druckmann also goes on to say The Last of Us Remastered is a straightforward port at the moment, and that he is considering taking advantage of PS4's improved triggers and touchpad. Though there may be a few tweaks here or there, he would ultimately like to just bring it over to the PS4 and get a more solid version of the same experience.

The Remastered Last of Us will feature all the DLC packs included in the Season Pass.


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