Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Breakout A point and click Indie adventure!

So as we have just announced that we are having a Play Expo Blackpool week were we cover as much of the stuff we saw at the expo over the next week the first thing we are covering well after the traditional shaky cam vid is The Breakout. A point and click adventure targeted at the older gamer who may remember the classics like Money Island from its first time round and are looking for a more challenging point and click adventure that still keeps all those classic mechanics of the old point and click adventure games but with a more modern feel then this game is for you.

The Breakout is a game developed by Pixel Trip Studios and is currently in its last stage of fund raising over at kickstarter and looks to be a promising and great looking game. The visual style of this game is right up my street and as i have mentioned before I am a big fan of High quality  indie studios getting more support and coverage so as part of that check out my vid of the demo then if you like the look of the game why not call over give these guys a quid or two and help a good studio develop a good game I will put the link below here so go check em out!

                                                FIND OUT HOW FAR YOU CAN GET!

So if you liked the look of this game now take into account my nonsense commentary is not in the game so that works in its favor then click kickstarter.


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