Friday, 9 May 2014


So this is not really Video Game related but i am guessing quite a few of you out there will be interested in this pretty awesome opportunity from the peeps at Emerge yes the energy drink are giving you the chance to get your face in space! A lot cheaper than actually getting into space for real I might add.

Anyhow for more info check out the following right now!

"Red Bull Stratos broke several world records and the sound barrier when skydiver Felix Baurngartner fell from space. Lynx sent a regular bloke into space with their Apollo Space Academy. And now…# Emerge have stepped up to stake a claim in space. Since they don’t have the budgets of Lynx or Red Bull (given that they’re a 35p energy drink), they’re offering fans the chance to at least get their face in space– a kind of budget space expedition if you will. Hence in their latest video, you’ll see a dude hitching a lift to space on a bunch of balloons, floating into the clouds to the smooth sounds of ‘The Joker’ by The Steve Miller Band.

So space cowboys, what are you waiting for - #YourFaceInSpace.

Simply visit their app, upload a selfie and the winning face will be sent stratospheric for all their mates (and the world) to see. Let’s be realistic, it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to becoming an astronaut!"

So what are you waiting for? go check it out now! No really stop reading this now and check it out! 


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