Monday, 14 April 2014

5 things needed for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Recently there has been news of a fan made remake over at Invader Games and although there has been much talk from Capcom stating that if demand is high enough then it will happen. To see an example of why it would be such a great idea then we would have to look no further than the Nintendo Gamecube remake of Resident Evil which returned the series back to the survival horror roots.

1. Setting

When playing through the campaign on Resident Evil 6 there were terrifying moment's and for the first couple of hours of game play it was the RE game I had always craved, however things went down hill from there. One thing RE2 did well was immerse the player within the city landscape which had succumbed to a zombie outbreak. For the remake it needs more of the same however I want to be able to come face to face with zombie hordes but the key to surviving is not blasting them all to pieces no, but running through the scattered alleyways of Raccoon City frantically panicking as I don't know what's around each corner. Houses can be hidden in while the horde passes and doors can be boarded while working with survivors you find along the way much like the RE Outbreak series which were so under rated. The scenery is filled with rubbish and cars are scattered and burning with only the moon lighting the way in which Lickers could jump out of the darkness at any moment. The important thing to remember is this will be returning to the survival horror genre so moments where nothing happens are needed just to let the player build up a sense of dread and paranoia. Once this has all set in just a big bang from an electricity pylon would be just enough to terrify the player without thrusting the monsters of the RE Universe onto the player.

2. Mixed Control System

One thing that's for sure is that the earlier RE games had a control system that was basically Marmite - some people love it and some people hate it. Personally I'm a believer that the tank controls add to the horror of the game but to be honest I see no reason to include 2 or 3 different control schemes. The earlier fixed angles could be a hardcore mode for the die hard fans where there is no cover system and players are vulnerable to certain attacks which encourages the gamer to take their time. Then a more traditional third person view could be incorporated into a easy/normal game type where it's easier to see around corners and the game is slightly faster paced. 

3. More Story Progression

In the RE remake on Gamecube many things were added to not only bring the game up to date but also to fill in plot holes with in the story and tie things together more. More case studies can be added and letters can be found explaining the turmoil in which the people of Raccoon City went through and their final days alive. The love story of Ada and Leon can be explored in depth as we know that in the old game it just seemed rather abrupt how they seem to fall in love so easily. I also feel the origin story of William Birkin and Sherry could be be explained in much more detail with how things started and how things went so wrong so quickly.

4. Mix Things Up

With this being a remake its important to say nothing needs to remain the same. Yeah the story will be and characters that are used however it's nice every now and then to throw shock and awe moment's where the player is stunned. Just like the firs time round when Robert Kendo is eaten alive by zombies breaking through the shop windows something which gave me nightmares for weeks. New locations and secret areas are a must whether it be underground in the Umbrella Hive or in the Police Station.

5. New Game Modes

Obviously the awesome mercenary's mode will be introduced but maybe with the world being open an infinite mode could be added much like the Dead Rising games where the player has to survive as long as he can whether that's through co-op or NPC's and the player has to find antidotes if they have been infected or they will become a zombie and go up against other players within that game world. Another great addition would be an on-line verses mode much similar to Zombi U where one player takes control of a horde and the rest have to defend for as long as they can whilst trying to survive within the timer.

If Capcom do decide to make a Resident Evil 2 Remake then I'm sure if they take any of these thing into consideration then the game will be onto a winner and we may well be looking at a generation defining game just like it did back in 1998 when it was first released!


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