Monday, 13 January 2014

Replay Arcade comes to Play Blackpool

One of the most popular features at the Play Expo events is always the classic arcade or the ‘Replay Arcade’ as they are often called. Throughout my many years as a Gamer I have spent what must be hundreds of hours and just as many ten pence pieces in arcade cabinets while I was on my yearly holidays to the great British Seaside. So it is really cool to be able to tell you that Replay Events announced that the Replay Arcade will be present and as enjoyable as ever at the Play Blackpool this May.
In a statement on the Website for Play Blackpool the following was said'

"With cabs supplied by arcade specialist RGP (Retro Games Party) we will have an eye popping array of classic and modern cabs, with a number of machines never seen before at events.

We will confirm which machines will be available nearer the time – of course feel free to send over your suggestions to us of what you would like to see. We can’t promise we will be able to bring every cab requested but we’ll do our best to have all your favourites!"

So if there is any Cabinets you would love to see at the Play Blackpool event get your suggestions in as for me I am going to be brushing up on my button mashing skills I will catch you in the Arcade soon!


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