Friday, 13 December 2013

Alien: Isolation Screenshots

A few days ago artwork appeared for what may be the next Alien game, supposedly named Alien: Isolation. Another leak over on twitter has now brought us screenshots from within the game itself, and they are looking pretty nice.

Using the singular term Alien along with the word isolation already indicated that this next installment featuring the acid blooded aliens will be moving down a horror route, and this latest leak seems to reinforce that. The screenshots show an eery interior, perhaps that of the station shown in the previous artwork. The shot of a couple of space suits is in particular creepy. Besides hinting at the tone of the game, the shots are visually impressive and hopefully accurate to what the actual game will be like. I doubt Sega would want a repeat of Colonial Marines after the earlier demos did not represent the final product, and the cold reception that lead to.

With all the leaks going on, one can hope its not to much longer before an official announcement.



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