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Mike's fondest and worst memories this generation!


So as you all know with Christmas just around the corner and the next generation of video gaming consoles now entering living rooms, Gaming rooms and bedrooms all over the world the Crazy Horse Gaming crew decided to take a look back at our own personal top ten and worst five video games of this Generation.
This generation consisting of the PS3,XBOX 360, Nintendo WII, Current hand held platforms and of course the PC. Now with generation of Games I have spent most of my time playing the XBOX 360 mainly because that's the console I have had for the last seven or so years so my choices are odiously heavily influenced by that fact.

As mentioned earlier these are the personal picks of each member of the crew so there will no doubt be choices you disagree with and some games you feel are missing from our picks which is fine. Please feel free to mention your own picks in the comments below. It would be great to hear from you guys and what you think were the best and worst games of this generation.

So there we go this is my top ten and worst five video game of this generation.
Fist of I am going to hit you with my top ten games which was such a hard list to come up with as there has been so many great titles over such a long time . Now obviously I can only take into account the games I have played and completed at least one full walk through of but that still left a huge amount of great games to filter down to a top ten. So after great consideration hear are my top ten video games of this generation.

Starting in reverse with number ten is !

#10 Catherine

This game was such a unique, Charming and refreshing change of pace not to mention a great challenge . This Japanese puzzle / Sim style game brought to us from the brilliant ATLUS was so different from anything that was out on the consoles at that time. This title really felt like a breath of fresh air as well as being challenging as hell while still feeling fair and balanced.  

#9 Saints Row The Third

The Saints Row series started as a over the top sand box GTA clone but over the years this game developed it's own identity and became a brilliant series in it's own right. Saints Row The Third marks what is in my opinion the most enjoyable, refined and most hilarious game in the series. Everything in Saints Row The Third just felt that much smoother and colourful and it helped remind myself and many others that video games can be silly, stupid and more important they can be FUN!!

#8 Gears Of War

The first Gears Of War was an amazing visual sceptical with a great story line and gritty edgy visual style.It was the game that launched a thousand imitators and launched the serge in third person cover based shooters. The first gears of war had a great survival horror feel to it in parts and had one of my favourite levels in video games that being the krill level. It was also the toughest of all the gears of war games to date.

#7 Fallout 3

Now it was a tough call with this game as I was torn between Fallout 3 and Vegas but Number 3 won over Vegas due to the great story line and I just loved the radio stations and music. Fallout 3 was such a fun game to play and was so immersing and in my opinion nothing beats wandering around a desolate waste land in brotherhood of steel power armour.

#6 Skyrim

This was another tough choice between this and oblivion. Both awesome open world fantasy games in which you can do so much in such a well designed and beautiful world.  However in the end the ability to yell damaging and destructive shouts at ancient dragons and picking fights with giants won me over and earned the number six position.

#5 Minecraft

Well what can I say about Minecraft this game is so simple to play, limited only by your imagination and so very addictive.

#4 Halo Reach

I think out of all the Halo games initially released on the 360 (I don't count the Halo CE) I think Reach is my favourite game in the series. With a cool story, Great pace and action and what has to be my favourite multi-player   in the series to date.

 #3 Mass Effect 2

So with such a great story from start to finish  and so many decisions to make and a wicked ship to fly around the galaxy probing alien planets for resources. The Mass Effect series is one of my favourite franchises going and number two has to be my favourite, no matter how many times I play it I still can't get enough of this game.

#2 XCom Enemy Unknown

When I first heard they were re-launching the Xcom franchise I was sceptical to say the least with it being such a highly regarded franchise on the PC . Porting turn based tactical video games to a console format has never been the greatest of transitions. However I have to say that the brilliant minds at Piraxis did a absolutely amazing job with the re-birth of the Xcom franchise. Xcom Enemy Unknown is a awesome game which is extremely challenging, great fun when it all goes well and soul destroying when it all goes completely F.U.B.A.R . The controls feel refined and easy to master and in my opinion one of the modern classics of this generation of video games.

The final game in my top ten video games of this generation is about to be revealed but before we do let's take a quick recap of the previous games I chose for my top ten.



And now it is time to reveal my personal number one game of this generation.
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.................
my number one video game of this generation is.......

#1 Deus Ex Human Revolution

Yep I am a huge fan of Cyber Punk and Cyber Punk style futures. I have to say that the latest title in the classic and legendary franchise that is Deus Ex , Human Revolutions has a great atmosphere and feel to the city of Detroit not to mention the now famous character Adam Jensen  who was so well written. Not to mention the combat,stealth,dialogue and upgrade options . Basically I just love this game and I could play it over and over and over.This to me is one of the all time classics and best video game of this generation.  

Well that was my top ten and now it is time for my worst five .....

This list was just as tricky to come up with as my choices for my top ten only with less games to write about.

#5 Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Trying to 100% this game really pissed me off with stupid rubber band AI and fuck you game physics to stop you getting the results you should have got from a battle just because it can. This game had me throwing my pad all over the place and complaining like a child grrrrrrrr!!!!

#4 X Blades 

This game is just rubbish and i still have to 100% the cheevos for this pile of excrement sigh the pitfalls of being a achievement whore.

#3 Jumper

Shitty film,Shitty game lousy controls and way to easy.

#2 Alone In The Dark

Despite what Liam says about this game it was broken as hell, a barely playable mess of a boring game!!!!! 

#1 Too Human


Also had a lousy story, Not bad cut scenes though.....
So lady's and gent's that was my personal top ten and worst five video games of this generation. Please feel free to let us all know what you think, What games you would have added or removed and what your favourite and worst games are we would love to hear from you.

This generation of consoles has seen some absolutely amazing games and consoles with so many changes and we have all been spoilt for options. Never before have we had so many avenues to play games  this has been a great generation and I cannot  wait to see what the next generation brings us over what is hopefully another great seven years.

Thank you all for joining us on this trip down memory lane.


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