Friday, 22 November 2013

Alex's fondest and worst memories this generation!

The new generation of gaming is nearly upon, or in the case of those lucky people is, us. Over the past generation, and several years, we have seen and played many amazing games with many never failing to impress. As my fellow writers have been doing, I to have been reflecting back on my best and worse games from this generation, and thankful for the most part, the game I have played have been incredible. 

First up is the list of my top ten games from this generation.

#10 Alan Wake

A deeply story driven game that offers something a bit different from the other horror games and third person shooters out there, Alan Wake is a gripping experience. It’s a game you could just as easily watch as play, mostly because of its outstanding narrative and almost cinematic game play.

#9 The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

One of the first Arcade games I ever brought on my Xbox 360 and one that always stands out in my mind. With it’s easy to grasp combat system, a cheesy yet entertaining plot, and a unique visual style, from the off the Dishwasher had me sucked in and coming back for more cyborg killing action.

#8) Batman: Arkham City

Who does not want to swoop around a city as the caped crusader beating up criminals? Batman Arkham city builds on its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, to make for the ultimate chance to be Batman and go face to face with the various super criminals that inhabit Gotham. You can spend hours in it’s murky yet incredible city, exploring every ally way, finding out what each unique criminal is up to and admiring the snowy cityscape.

#7 Gears of War

The first game I played when this generation first launched, a game that sold me on the Xbox 360. Looking beyond the muscle heavy heroes of the game, and you have a very solid shooter, a world that shows a lot of promise, enemies that have more depth to them than just random creatures cobbled together and all this wrapped in wonderful visuals that still impress today. Also one of the best co-op experiences I have ever got my hands on.

#6 Red Faction: Guerrilla

Destructible scenery is the order of the day here, and it’s what makes this game a joy to play. Want to smash through a wall with a hammer to get at an enemy, go for it, want to blow up a bridge to slow down those advancing across it, go for it. Being able to destroy almost anything in the open world really helped mix up the game play and turn this from just average, to a stand out, and extremely fun, game.

#5 Left 4 Dead

I have lost count of the fun times I have had playing this game co-op, be it with friends or random strangers. It’s easy to jump into any of its four campaigns, five if you get the DLC, and blaze your way through the wonderfully detailed city streets, forests and farms.

#4 Mass Effect 3

The third and final chapter to Shepard’s story is an epic adventure taking you around a packed galaxy. You get to go down to a verity of rather stunning locations, face all sorts of aliens and explore massive amount sof history and culture made up for the game. The Mass Effect universe and all the little details within it, along with the characters you meet, are what make this game stand above other shooters, it’s a game I can really get stuck into and the ending to a trilogy I will never forget. plus it has some epic cut scenes to sit back and admire.

#3 Halo 4 

343 Industries went far beyond what I expected of them in brining the Master Chief back to the forefront of the Halo series. Look beyond the arguable best visuals on the 360, and you a story line that offers more depth to the Chief and his blue AI companion, Cortana, than any of the previous games, game play that felt both familiar and refreshing and a new enemy that brought with them a wealth of new challenges. Chuck in multiplayer that is has more in common with Halo 3 than Reach and you have an outstanding game and Halo experience.

#2 Dead Rising 

Zombie games always have a special place in my shelf of games, and amongst them Dead Rising is the top, un-dead, dog. Besides the giant mall filled with zombies, and the ability to use almost anything to kill them, there is so much more to love this game for. The plot is surprisingly full of depth and intrigue, with twists and turns that keep the game interesting and kept me wanting to find out more. From machete man to the psychotic clown juggling chainsaws, a raft of psychos offer much more challenging opposition than the un-dead. Apart from the raincoat cult, each psycho is also unique, both in terms of character and the way they fight, it was a fun game in itself finding them all. Lastly, the amount of stuff to figure out and find in this game kept me coming back to find it all, and kept it from never getting boring.

#1 Fallout 3 

From the moment I picked up my controller to play this game, and set out from vault 101, I was hooked. It’s the post apocalyptic world of Fallout 3 that makes this game number one to me. There is so much to see and do in this depressing, yet beautiful world. Many different stories and adventures can be found as your forge your own way through the wasteland. Collecting bottle caps, finding a town of cannibals and entering other, disturbing vaults does not even begin to describe the amount of stuff up for doing in Fallout 3.

 You have seen my top ten, now for me worst five.

 #5 Far Cry 2 

Now, this game really impressed me at the start, and contains plenty to love about it. The reason it finds itself at number five is because of its length and the speed at which it gives repetitive. Plus the constant attacks from outpost whilst driving around which just get plain annoying.

#4 Splosion Man

For the most part, this game was great, but because towards the end I found it got very frustrating, and lost everything I loved from earlier in the game, it finds itself at number four.

#3 kinectimals

A game that sounds like a great idea, and for about five minutes is fun, but quickly grows repetitive, its target audience, children, will properly love it though.

#2 Aliens Vs Predator

This game only got two things right, infestation mode for multiplayer and the first mission of the Marine campaign. The rest of the game just contained everything that should not be within an Aliens Vs Predator game, and it felt like three poorly put together, and rushed, campaigns. 

#1 Duke Nukem Forever

I thought this game could not be as bad as people were making out. I was wrong. Besides some of the most infuriating boss battles I have ever played, the game is just un-fun to play and poorly put together. The massive delays did not help it at all.


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