Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Valve announces new operating system

Valve recently released the first of three planned announcements on the evolution of Steam and the direction they plan to take it in for 2014.

They're calling the new software SteamOS and it will be their very own operating system built around Valve's digital distribution service Steam. Based on Linux with a heavy focus on giving the gamers control over content, SteamOS is a further display of Valve's efforts to get PC gaming into our living-rooms. The developers previously responsible for the likes of Half-Life, Portal and Left4Dead make this announcement at a vital time in gaming history, with the next generation of Sony and Microsoft's massively successful consoles just a few months from launch. It seems as if Valve is trying hard to contend with the gaming giants, and if their immensely popular games become exclusive to their own system, they may actually stand a pretty good chance.

This year's three news items are expected to show huge progression since 'Steam Big Picture' launched only last year: a Valve application enabling Steam gamers to play using their own TV, specially optimised for gaming controllers. Because with news of this brand new operating system to work on 'living room machines' Valve fans are intrigued as to whether one of the two remaining announcements will confirm Valve's very own living-room machine, the highly-anticipated but still only rumored 'Steam Box' console.


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