Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Terminator is back!!!

UK video game publisher Reef entertainment have recently announced that they have managed to secure the exclusive video game rights to one of the most legendary sci-fi franchises ever. That's right Reef have managed to secure the console rights to the Terminator and console and PC rights to Terminator Two judgement day of Studiocanal. Reef also announced that they will be making a new series of games based on these two huge Hollywood movies which they are calling ‘TERMINATORS: THE VIDEO GAME’. 

A Reef spokesperson said: ‘Here at Reef we are huge fans of 1984 & 1991 Sci-Fi action master-pieces. It’s an incredible opportunity and an equally huge responsibility to create a game that does great justice to the motion-pictures. We are studying all aspects and influences of the Terminator universe defined in Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. We have started on our journey and are drawing on all the diverse materials available to produce a high quality, authentic and exciting Terminator video

Reef also released this teaser to get all those terminator fans out there excited up for the up coming game.

We will bring you more on 'TERMINATORS THE VIDEO GAME' as soon as there are more developments.


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