Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BioShock Infinite Challenge Maps Out Today

Irrational has released info about all three pieces of Bioshock Infinite DLC, including challenge maps and story driven DLC with the first challenge maps available today as part of the season pass. Cash in the Clouds the first DLC is available on Steam, PSN and Xbox live for £2.99 for anyone that doesn't own the season pass. Clash in the Clouds includes four challenge maps: The Ops Zeal, Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome and Emporia Arcade, each of them containing15 waves of enemies. Each wave will include a Blue Ribbon Challenge with leaderboards and stats allowing you to compete with friends. Also included will be an in game museum where players can explore to view concept art and player models aswell as much more.

Other content that will be released is called 'Burial at Sea' and will come in two parts available at £9.99 each. The first episode returns to Rapture the night before all hell broke loose and Rapture fell and will be playable as Booker Dewitt. In the second episode things take another turn and the game will be played as Elizabeth but little has been said on that other than the game will have survival horror elements.

You can catch both the trailers below:


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